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"WELCOME TO MY SITE" or "The importance of being virtual"

2022 has arrived. The pandemic is in its final stages (we hope), and the roaring 20's are about to begin. After nearly two decades of playing sax all over the US and the world, meeting and working with incredible artists and dedicating many hours to mastering the craft of playing the saxophone, composing, arranging and teaching music, I decided that it is time I become visible on the internet and finally create a website.

I must admit that for a millennial, I am not technologically gifted. I mean let's be honest, my trade requires me to spend many hours whittling cane reeds to make them subjectively "better" when placed on a small metal tube, we call a mouthpiece. But I have designed this site on my own and the good news is it is only the beginning of John Collinge on the internet. I am learning many tricks to enhance this site and I must admit, it is very fun.

I have translated the majority of this site to the three major languages that my fans speak (English, Portuguese and Spanish) and have posted my bio, videos and other cool info that you may find interesting. Soon there will be more dates for 2022, interesting blog posts, audible music and sheet music that fans and musicians alike will want to check out. As Paul Williams' song from the 1970s goes, "We've only just begun..."

I hope you enjoy this site and please check back in the future for more updates. Also, share it with your friends, and for those interesting in getting in touch with my, you may do so via the "Contact" page. Saxily yours... John Collinge

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